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How we do it - from power plant to premises

Our Skills & Expertise

We provide expertise across all aspects of energy supply, from valuable knowledge of the ‘lines and poles’, to a track record of successfully negotiating with power companies on your behalf.

When Power Booker is handling your energy supply, it is not just the price that’s in good hands. We use our detailed working knowledge of the network from power plant to premises to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from your energy supply at all times.

We keep you right, from understanding your consumption needs from green energy considerations to bill analysis and negotiating the most competitive tariff at renewal time.

We will be on your side to act as the go-between with your supplier to ensure you get the very best deal.

We are equipped to provide you with practical advice to minimise losses that could potentially result from interruptions, such as damage to machinery. With Power Booker, you have trusted power supply experts on hand 365 days a year.

Our starting point is to ensure you are getting best value for money in your energy supply.

We have a decade of experience in negotiating power contracts for and with suppliers, securing the best rates for business clients across every sector.

Join the growing number of local companies saving money - engage Power Booker as your energy champion.


Best Price
Helping local businesses control costs.
Bill Analysis
Ensuring your power supply is managed efficiently.
Maximum Import Capacity advice (M.I.C.)
Preparation for October 2021 changes
Electricity Network Knowledge
Liaising between you and your power company 365 days per year
Pricing Mechanism Advice and Support
Keeping you in control of your energy costs ahead of market fluctuations

ELECTRICITY is one of your BUSINESSES LARGEST expenditures

Power Booker helps you control your costs

Savings for all types of businesses

Whichever sector your business operates in - engineering, manufacturing, retailing, farming or new technology - your energy bill is a significant cost and an area where you can make real savings.

We are committed to understanding your business requirements and navigating the complicated energy market on your behalf. Don't miss out, let POWER BOOKER book better energy rates for your business today!


Choose the right deal for you

Knowing which energy deal to accept can be daunting with numerous options available from different suppliers.

  • Should you fix rates for 1, 2 or 3 years?
  • Should you accept a variable contract?
  • Will there be any ‘add-ons’?
  • Have you considered a Flexi contract – starting on variable rates with the option to fix rates at a later date?
  • Is Green Energy important and will it cost more?

Let us research the energy markets on your behalf. We save you time and money allowing you to get on with running your business.

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Bill-checking service

We provide a bill-checking service to ensure that you haven’t been overcharged.  

Cost projections

We provide cost projections to help you get to grips with your energy outgoings.

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